Saddle Up for Adventure –  7 Best Horse Books For Young Adults Ages 8 – 14

7 Best Horse Books For Young Adults Ages 8 - 14

Children, in particular, tend to create a special bond with horses and ultimately build an unbreakable friendship with them that they cherish till adulthood. Before fostering the bond with horses, kids and young adults must learn how to care for a horse and, master the art of horse riding, understand their nature and requirements. For starters, reading horse books for children is one way to kick start your equestrian journey to assist you in transforming into a well-rounded, good rider. Author Michael Ellis has written a heartwarming horse book for teens, “A Horse Named Spirit,which tells a tale of a very special horse named Spirit and talks about his trials and tribulations. His life experiences revolve around his mother, Stormy and another horse named Thunder—a must-read non-fiction horse book for equestrian lovers.

Apart from horse books, there are many other ways to gain the required knowledge to ride your horse and getting proper training from a riding instructor is another way to learn safe, experienced horse lessons. Take on the challenge of learning to become more than an unbalanced wobbly rider. Every rider, even the best, has always started at the bottom with just the basics.

According to many non-fiction horse books for young adults, one should be fully aware that there is much more to horses than just learning how to ride. As a new equestrian, you have an entirely new world to discover. A whole enticing world of horses and various breeds to discover, farms, tack shops, clinics, horse expos, and horse shows to travel to, tack and horse equipment to learn about, horse care to attend to, horse behavior to translate, and equine relationships to win over.

7 Best Horse Books for Tweens

Below is the list of the 7 best horse books for young readers, so if you have a child (or you are) passionate about horse books for tweens, this list is for you!

Book #01: A Horse Called Spirit by Michael Ellis


Experience the heartwarming journey of an extraordinary equine companion in this captivating true story. Step into the world of “A Horse Called Spirit, where the remarkable tale of an equine hero unfolds through the protagonist’s words. Spirit, a horse of unique lineage, emerges as the embodiment of resilience and determination, navigating life’s challenges with an indomitable spirit.

Born from the union of the author’s beloved first horse, Stormy, Spirit’s life is a tribute to the enduring bond between mother and offspring. Through his heartfelt narrative, readers are invited to witness the trials and troubles that shaped Spirit’s character, painting a vivid portrait of his growth and maturation against the backdrop of sprawling countryside.

Guided by an unbreakable connection to his mother, Stormy, and an inseparable friendship with Thunder, another remarkable horse, Spirit’s experiences offer profound insights into the complex web of relationships that define his world. Join Spirit on a journey of self-discovery as he reflects upon moments of hardship, triumph, and unwavering loyalty.

Michael Ellis deftly captures the essence of Spirit’s voice, allowing readers to delve deep into the thoughts and emotions of this remarkable creature. With each turn of the page, the bond between horse and human becomes palpable, evoking a range of emotions that resonate long after the last chapter is read.

Let yourself loose in the rich narrative tapestry of the best non-fiction horse books for young adults as Michael Ellis crafts an extended exploration of this true story. Feel the thundering hooves of life’s challenges, and the gentle nuzzles of companionship, and the unbridled joy of victory alongside Spirit. This extended edition offers an even more in-depth look at Spirit’s world, providing readers with a truly immersive and unforgettable reading experience.

Book #02: Meg and Merlin: Making Friends by Tanya Landman

Every horse-riding moment holds a special place in Meg’s heart; her lifelong yearning has been to call a pony her own. Aware that her parents’ financial constraints make owning a pony an implausible dream, even her weekly riding lessons have become a luxury they can’t sustain. Yet, as her tenth birthday dawns, an astonishing picture unfolds outside her window — a pony poised in the front garden. Could it be that all of Meg’s wishes have woven themselves into reality?

Book #03: Horse Girl By Carrie Seim

Seventh-grader Wills finds herself utterly enthralled by the world of horses, and her excitement knows no bounds when she seizes the opportunity to embark on training at the prestigious Oakwood Riding Academy. However, her path is far from smooth as she encounters Amara, the reigning monarch of the #HorseGirls, and her clique, who are determined to erect barriers for the endearingly quirky Wills.

As Wills circumnavigates the intricacies of horse riding, copes with the distance imposed by her mother’s role as an Air Force pilot stationed miles away, and maintains her composure around the enigmatic Horse Boys, she realizes that assimilating into the realm of #HorseGirl aficionados is no simple feat. Yet, bolstered by the companionship of her rescue horse, Clyde, Wills embarks on this adventure with zest, ensuring that her challenging journey is undeniably exhilarating.

Book #04: Horse Trouble by Kristin Varner

Kate’s deep adoration for horses fuels her innermost passion. Unfortunately, her closest friend’s allergy to these magnificent creatures compels Kate to pursue riding lessons in solitude. In this solitary journey, Kate confronts the trials of life head-on – from the unkind clique of girls at the stable who subject her to taunts to grappling with her personal body image struggles.

Adding to her challenges, Kate finds herself in a continuous cycle of tumbling off her horse. These tween years appear to Kate as a sequence of unjust trials, testing her resolve at every turn. Will she manage to overcome these obstacles that life has thrust upon her, ultimately finding the strength to conquer her fears and mount her horse once more?

Book #05: The Nerviest Girl in the World by Melissa Wiley

Residing on a ranch, Pearl’s daily tasks encompass the collection of eggs and the feeding of obstinate ostriches. Amid her duties, she stands tall among her three older, unindulgent brothers. Pearl’s grasp also extends to the equestrian realm, further revealing her prowess.

In an unexpected twist, Pearl’s brothers find themselves embraced by the allure of “moving pictures,” embracing roles as the audacious Daredevil Donnelly Brothers, a trio of dashing cowboys defying death itself. In an unanticipated turn of events, Pearl inadvertently steps into the realm of stunts, embarking on a path as a stuntwoman while nurturing aspirations of dazzling stardom. However, this new journey remains concealed from her unsuspecting mother, a revelation that could lead to disapproval, given Pearl’s penchant for leaping from aflame structures in her spare moments.

Book #06: Lizzie Flying Solo by Nanci Turner Steveson

Lizzie St. Claire’s heartfelt desire is to fade into the shadows. Circumstances compel her and her mother to uproot their lives and settle into the transitional haven of Good Hope, a refuge as they strive to regain their stability.

During her attempts to remain inconspicuous at Good Hope and her new school, Lizzie grapples with an unspoken truth, the underlying cause of their drastic upheaval. However, an unexpected turn leads Lizzie to Birchwood Stables, where newfound companions and a timid pony named Fire offer her a chance to unravel her guarded heart, allowing herself to be vulnerable and accepting assistance from those who genuinely care. This journey of connection and self-discovery forces Lizzie to confront her fear of losing again, even as she opens herself to the prospect of change.

Book #07: Horse Diaries Series by Catherine Hapka

Elska, a charming silver dapple Icelandic filly, experiences the joys of frolicking through idyllic summer landscapes. She seeks shelter during the winter months in the farmyard, where a kind-hearted human named Amma lavishes her with dedicated attention. However, a significant shift occurs when a formidable neighbor’s gaze falls upon Elska, altering the course of her previously tranquil existence. In this enchanting narrative, Elska herself narrates the unfolding tale, offering a firsthand account of her remarkable journey through life’s twists and turns.


Literature world knows no limits when we explore the best horse books for young readers. From timeless classics to modern gems, these exciting horse book stories have harnessed the power of the equine-human bond to inspire courage, empathy, and lifelong connections. As we bid farewell to this literary journey, may these books continue to spark a love for reading and kindle a passion for horses in young hearts, leaving hoofprints of imagination and inspiration that will last a lifetime. Saddle up and set course on these adventuresome journeys, where the magic of words and the majesty of horses unite to create treasured memories.